Duration – 3 hrs.
Cost – $300
Please contact to book

Spherical chaotic masterpieces!

Marbles or Orbs are simply magical to create once you understand depth, layering, optics, tools involved and the general construction process. This class assumes you know the basics of the torch, how to work solid rod and the general safety standards of torch-work. A perfect primer for this class should you not have experience is my Make it-Take it class.

In this class we will make as many marbles as your able to learn and understand within the techniques of that given marble. From spirals to vortexes, dichro and dots, inclusions to texture and then ending it all with the all important backing design such as pinwheels, dot-stacks, wrap and rake etc. We will start with a clear marble understanding just what it takes to make glass perfectly round. From there we’ll move on to adding color and design. When you leave you will have a solid understanding on the marble, design elements and the tools needed in the creation process.