101 Soft Glass (Moretti)

Duration – 6 hrs (2 free practice hours)
Cost – $450
Please contact to book

A 101 class is just that. A class designed to teach the new glassblower A – Z. From tools to glass, safety and studio set up and everything in between. When you leave this class you will have a complete understanding of melting soft glass into functional or glass art varieties of your choice and the tools necessary to do so.

Soft glass bead making is very popular. Soft glass is mostly used in furnaces for glassblowing we are accustomed to seeing on YouTube. There are many reasons soft glass is used over hard glass being the most important is the energy required to melt it requires much less expensive equipment. A torch to melt soft glass can be as low as $30 where a torch to melt hard glass will start around $300.

I tailor make these soft glass classes to reflect just what it is your creating. The basics are 1/2 of the class but the other time will be spent teaching you desired skill sets such as bead making, marble making, sculpture and anything in-between. Nothing is left out, this is a complete class that will give the new glass artist a very solid foundation on which to build your glass melting endeavors.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.