LEVEL 1 – 1.5hrs @ $125 per person
LEVEL 2 – 2.5hrs @ $200 per person

By far the most popular class I offer. Both of these classes are 100% Hands on

The Level 1 class is perfect for the person wanting to create something as a bucket list. Still being very hands on you’ll not be taught as much theory and certain skillsets. The Level 2 class is perfect for the future glass artist wanting to “test the waters” of melting glass on a torch before committing or investing in a 101 classes. The Lvl 2 also includes much more information pertaining to flame chemistry, glass composition, kiln attributes to the glass as well as tools, where to buy and so on.

The main differences between the Level 1 & 2 classes are nothing more then me teaching certain skillsets and explaining entirely to much for the person that won’t pursue glass any further. They just want to experience melting glass in the flame, creating something unique and making some great memories!

In the level 1 class your doing 5 steps with premade punties and I am much more quiet on the teaching and much more focused on your creating. In the level 2 class you are doing ALL 10 steps in the making of your pendant. From making the marble, pushing the tire (maria), adding the color (of choice) and creating the bail (color of choice). I also go into flame chemistry and glass composition along the way and brush on kiln topics, tools etc. It is actually a prerequisite for my larger more expensive classes.

WHAT TO EXPECT: I will guide you, step by step, in the process of making your very own glass pendant. Something small and manageable that your 3rd minds eye can see and feel the glass for the first time. Gone are the days of spending a fortune just to see if you have the patience, WANT and desire for what glass demands to become a glassblower or make it a hobby.

9 out of 10 people will pass on what it takes to create from the flame once they’ve experienced the process. I can assure you we glassblowers do indeed make it look easy ….. for me, going on 24 years of making it look easy. During the class I will talk about flame chemistry and glass composition, the studio and tools and everything from annealing to setting up your own home studio.

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