Teaching is my passion. It fuels me without a doubt. I pride myself as a teacher that wants a new flame worker to have a solid foundation when leaving a class to be able to grow. Flame composition, color chemistry, tools, equipment and setting up your studio correct and safely is my main goal. I’ve taught hundreds of people over the last 15 years. I have many reviews and have never had a walk out or change of heart. I take the time to talk to my future students and understand exactly what it is they are trying to accomplish.

A good teacher likes his job …. a GREAT teacher loves his job and actively pursues more knowledge knowing there is no end point or mastery, just a continuous journey of sharing and knowledge. There is a HUGE difference. Do your homework before investing in a class. Make sure you know exactly what your paying for and the knowledge you’ll be leaving with.

My classes come in a wide variety. From complete A – Z classes in both Soft (Morretti, Vetrofond etc.) and Hard (Borosilicate) Glass, to simple one on one Make-it-Take-it classes where you create in the flame. The Make-it-Take-it class is actually a prerequisite for taking any of my 101 classes but is refunded in the price. 8 out of 10 actually pass on the 101 courses once they’ve been introduced to melting, the equipment and just what it takes to manipulate within the flame. Glassblowers do make this look easy …. 20+ years of easy!  8)