Got Glass?

Samson here & thank you for stopping by my virtual studio here on the worlds biggest newspaper. On my page you’ll be able to find most everything I do, teach and create. You can also find out what I’m involved in and where I might be heading next for a show or craft fair. If you are ever close to Myrtle Beach, S.C.  I hope you’ll stop in and maybe learn a thing or two about melting glass. If your a visiting glass artists I have a spot with quick disconnects and to collaborate is to live!  8)

I’ve been blowing glass now 16 years with 10 of those teaching over 150 future artists. If you have any interest whatsoever in melting glass on a torch (Lampworking) please visit my Classes page. I have fast 1 hour classes (Make &Take) to “test the water” making a pendant, marble or something manageable. I teach as if I’m planting a seed in a future glass artist. I’ve taught over 150 students and only 3 really dug in while many touch the flame here and there. It is very important to have a first class that not only lets you melt but teaches you about flame chemist and color composition. Knowing ones tools and materials is a very critical key to this craft. You can do a search on Google for High Tide Glass Studio, my old studio on the boulevard, for some reviews. Also my Facebook page Samson Glass has reviews. I am blessed to be able and love to teach, it’s a solid passion of mine fosho!

Something I’ve been doing for the past 3 years is taking ashes, both family and our furbies, and create memorial glass keepsakes. This is something close to my heart and it is a huge honor to be entrusted in such a way. Please visit my Memorial page for more info and please don’t hesitate to call to discuss. I do have a shop but it’s not something I keep very stocked. I do have a couple items that I am known for doing and are created on demand so they’ll always be fresh 8) Should you ever have something in that brain needing to escape surrounding glass give me a call and we’ll discuss. I absolutely love doing custom work of any kind within my skill set.

Please have a look around, any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Samson 843.241.5808